How It Works

How does the process work?

It’s honestly as easy as it gets when it comes to fundraising. Our reps will work with you in understanding your needs & goals and come up with the best plan for your organization.

Remember, there are no upfront fees or costs associated with any of our programs. Many of our programs have a very low minimum requirement so we are able to service the needs of any size team (or group) no matter how large or small.

We keep things simple so there is no major work that needs to be done by coaches (or organizers) when it comes to starting the process. Plus, we offer some of the largest percentage profits in our industry!


Your Dedicated Fundraising Coach

Once your fundraiser is ready to start we simply join your staff as your fundraising coach and handle your fundraiser from start to finish.

Just like your offensive coordinator, first base coach or assistant coach would handle their area of expertise, we take care of your fundraiser because that is our area of expertise.

As a coach, you wear enough hats during the season. As a parent or booster member, you also have full-time jobs. Let The Funding Zone handle the fundraising and we will help guide you to tremendous success.

The Funding Zone provides a risk-free fundraiser with no minimums to sell, no costs, and no hassles. Our proven system and fundraising incentive program for the players is guaranteed to work. Whether you are a coach and/or a booster club, we can provide you multiple fundraising solutions throughout the year to save your time and make your organization more money than ever before.

Still not sure? Read our FAQs.

1. Find A Rep

Our representatives personally come on board as your fundraising coach and take all of the stress of fundraising off your shoulders while maximizing your profits. We do not just mail you a fundraiser for you to run by yourself.

2. Register Your Card

If you purchased a local Discount Card or Coupon Ticket register your membership number printed on the front to gain access to more online discounts & savings nationwide! Your membership number can also be used to activate our phone app*.

Simply download The Funding Zone app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and use the same membership number printed on your product.

* You do not have to register the number in order to use the actual discount card for local savings. You only have to register to activate the app.

3. Get Discounts

Once you register your membership number for both online savings and mobile app savings you are going to receive a huge variety of discounts in addition to the local savings on your fundraising product.

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