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Merchant Discount Card Fundraiser

When it comes to Discount Cards, The Funding Zone is the undisputed champion in PA, OH, NJ, NY, and WV. Our products make it simple for your program/organization to reach its fundraising goals.


Start a Fundraiser today to join the fastest growing Fundraising Company in the country.


Our plastic Discount Cards and paper Coupon Tickets are simply the best in the country! We provide your team or organization with a customized discount product composed of local businesses, sporting goods, franchise type restaurants and tremendous online shopping discounts at every major retailer. The Funding Zones Discount Cards & Tickets come with a unique membership code which gives you access to our phone app & internet-based savings. Your membership code that is printed on your local discount product will give you access to over 300,000+ additional discounts Nationwide & Online making your customized fundraiser worth hundreds of dollars and easy for your organization to sell. Not to mention you are not restricted to only selling to friends & family within your hometown. The phone app & membership gives you the power to fundraiser nationwide with your local Discount Cards and Coupon Tickets.

You may have seen other discount cards over the years but no other fundraising company in the country offers your team 70% Profit Guaranteed on all $20 Discount Card and Coupon Ticket fundraisers. With our digital savings we offer through our phone app & online discounts, we simply offer your team a superior product & the HIGHEST PROFITS in the fundraising industry, making The Funding Zone the best in the business!

The days of receiving 50% or 60% of your hard fundraising efforts from your fundraising provider are over! So, if you currently have another fundraising provider who takes half of your profits please contact us today to START A FUNDRAISER.

We provide results

We have been helping high school sports programs and youth organizations fundraise for over 25 years.  We are committed to being the best in the business and our company has continued to grow over the years simply from the referrals we receive.

These guys are the best of the best! You’re not going to find a better fundraising company than The Funding Zone. They have been helping our football team for almost 20 years and every year it seems to get better and better! If you need money, these are the guys you need to hire!

Coach Reynolds

We can’t thank Mike and The Funding Zone enough for their continued support of PA Football Coaches and the State Coaches Association. They have been there for us for many years. Not only do they help our football teams fundraise successfully but The Funding Zone also gives back tremendously to our State Coaches Association. They are also a huge sponsor of the Big 33 and East / West All Star Games. We are forever grateful for their support!

PA State Coaches Association

I never imagined our Lacrosse program could raise $14,000 with one fundraiser! We used to run 5 fundraisers a year to make $3,000 and now our team has raised more in two weeks that we did all of last season. The Funding Zone and Josh Bergey have simply changed fundraising. You need to contact these guys!

Coach D


Find a representative

Our representatives personally come on board as your fundraising coach and take all of the stress of fundraising off your shoulders while maximizing your profits. We do not just mail you a fundraiser for you to run by yourself.  Our reps are there every step of the way providing our expertise to guarantee your organization success. 


register your card

If you purchased a local Discount Card or Coupon Ticket and would like to register your membership number printed on the front to gain access to more online discounts & savings Nationwide please click here.  Your membership number can also be used to activate our phone app.

Simply download The Funding Zone’s app from your app store or Google Play and use the same membership number printed on your product.

You do not have to register the number in order to use the actual discount card for local savings. You only have to register to activate the app.


get discounts

Once you register your membership number for both online savings and mobile app savings you are going to receive a huge variety of discounts in addition to the local savings on your fundraising product.

it works

Funding Zone provides a risk-free fundraiser with no minimums to sell, no costs & no hassles. Our proven system and fundraising incentive program for the players is guaranteed to work.

Whether you are a coach and or a booster club, we can provide you multiple fundraising solutions throughout the year to save you time and make your organization more money than ever before.



I use another fundraising company, How can you help me because they don’t give us 70% profit?

This is the #1 question we are always asked.  There are other nationwide fundraising companies out there that are taking half of your profits from your discount cards & tickets.   The Funding Zone will immediately increase your profits to a guaranteed 70% and even buy out any termination fees in your fundraising contract in the event your current fundraising provider pressured you into signing an agreement.  Some teams are weeks away from starting a fundraiser with another company and The Funding Zone is able to come in last minute, eliminate your contract and put a better fundraiser in place for you with a 70% or more guarantee. Its never too late to Start a Fundraiser with us.  Dont let these other companies take all of your hard earned profits.

How much profit do we make on the sale?

Your team/group is guaranteed to profit 70% (on a $20 card) of the total sale of all discount card fundraisers and coupon tickets. The average team has a goal of $200 per player profit although many teams easily exceed that.  Teams in 2021/2022 raised between $3000 and $42,000 with The Funding Zones discount cards! 

Who speaks to the local businesses that participate or do they pay anything to advertise?

We Do!! Our representatives handle the fundraiser from start to finish so we are the ones who take the time to set up meetings and speak with the businesses. The businesses do not pay anything to participate. It is free advertising for them!  You are able to also provide us a list of local businesses for us to contact so that we do not miss any of your valuable merchants who support your program. 

Making a difference & community support


Our company takes pride in supporting our local teams, organizations, charities, and making a difference in every community we work with. The Funding Zone has given back by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to our teams, booster clubs, high schools, charities and by sponsors local coaches associations and state coaches associations. We have donated by sponsoring local All-Star games, supporting National organizations and simply always being there to help our communities.

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About the Funding Zone

Every season hundreds of teams and organizations count on us to help reach their financial goals and yearly budgets. While many other companies have tried to copy our model, none have ever been able to match our passion, drive, and expertise for success. We are constantly evolving our company to stay six steps ahead of the competition with our innovation and dedication to help our coaches and boosters clubs fundraise successfully.

Our proven system and incentive program is guaranteed to work. From our Discount Cards that can be used all over the country with our mobile phone app to our state-of-the-art Online Donation Fundraising “BLAST” Website, we continue to evolve to help your organization raise more money than you ever thought was possible.


The National Sponsor & Exclusive Fundraising Partner of US Lacrosse –the governing body of the US Olympic Team

The Exclusive Fundraising Partner & Sponsor of the Pennsylvania State Football Coaches Association

Primary Sponsor of The Big 33 Classic and East & West All-Star Games

Founder of The Coaches Academy Clinics



of dollars raised and counting