Social Media has taken over the world. Why not work with us to combine team communication, recruiting, fundraising, and crowdsourced coverage for your team/school.

Why is every function handled separately? We have a solution.

Group communication, team websites / apps, calendars, fundraising, real-time coverage, highlight videos/photos, websites and stats.

We can help connect all of this technology in one place.

Imagine you are about to travel to your daughter’s club softball game, and you open the Blast Athletics App to get the game time and directions. While at the game, you are filming with your phone and catch a great highlight of your daughter running a double play, so you post it to that game’s page on Blast and tag the shortstop and first baseman. Just by posting that video, it is immediately shared on the team’s webpage, the club network page, and each athlete’s Blast Profile. Anyone following along online can view it as soon as it uploads. The video will later be emailed to each of your daughter’s sponsors from the Blast fundraiser.

If you can use Facebook you can easily master Blast!


  1. Payments + Fundraising Blast has combined payment management with online fundraising on the same platform. This is perfect for youth leagues, teams, bands or entire schools.
    • Team admins can request, collect and track payments from team members on Blast.
    • If a team member needs financial assistance, they can fundraise via Blast to reduce individual dues.
    • All money collected goes directly to the team with accounting and tracking automatically happening.
  2. Your Blast Tech Rep
    We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service.
    • Every team, school, club, league and band will be assigned a live, domestic Blast rep. Your rep will help your program get set-up and maintained throughout the entire year.
  3. Fundraising
    Blast has taken off because our fundraiser does something that no other fundraisers do – give the family and friends who donate what they want.
    • Some of people who participate in fundraisers don’t want the product as much as they want to support a loved one or neighbor.
    • What do they really want? A connection and the ability to see where their money went.
    • Updates on the person and team for whom they donated.
    • Weekly updates from Blast keep all donors involved and engaged.
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