Mike DeFrancesco

Mike DeFrancesco

Mike DeFrancesco


Mike DeFrancesco is the founder of The Funding Zone and also one of the original reps for the legendary "Varsity Gold", who hired him back in 2000. Mike was the first rep to bring Discount Card fundraisers to Eastern PA over 20 years ago.

In 2004, Mike set out on a journey to accomplish his dream of owning his own business and left Varsity Gold to establish The Funding Zone Fundraising. With a strong passion for helping others, Mike has built one of the best fundraising companies in the country over the last 19 years and takes pride in giving back the highest profit percentages in the industry to all of the teams that he helps raise money for.

Mike has built a reputation over the years as someone who loves to give back to the teams & organizations who have trusted him and helped build The Funding Zone into what it is today. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars back to local & state coaching organizations, helping sponsor their associations, all-star games, scholarships, and establish some of the best programs on and off the field. This has also led to the founding of the Coaches Academy Football Clinics.

Mike has been married to his wife Sarah for 14 years and resides in Bear Creek, PA. They have three children, Michael, Mia & Rocco. He is a former baseball player who played for Misericordia University graduating in 1999 and went on to coach baseball at the high school and collegiate levels for 12 years before stepping down to focus on his last 6 years donating his time helping coach and run his Little League Organization.


- Eastern PA
- Ohio

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